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Andrew Beatty

Bridging the Digital Gap: Why Banking Transformation is a Binary Decision

There’s a familiar adage, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” While its origins are unclear, it’s essentially a great excuse for doing nothing. A stark reality is that many banks run on platforms that a...

01 Oct 2020
Saloni Ramakrishna

Profitable Paradigm - Through the Lens of Profitability in Covid times

Is it relevant to talk of profitability during Covid times some might ask? It is and HOW!! Healthy banks are sine qua non to support pandemic induced distressed economy & customers whether it is ...

28 Sep 2020
Colin Fernandes

The move to cloud-native banking and the role for continuous intelligence

According to research by Finastra and Efma, banks saw digital transformation as their most pressing issue for the future. 81 percent listed the move to digital as their biggest priority for the next ...

25 Sep 2020
Diederick Van Thiel

Last boarding call: Post-COVID Risk Decisioning starts now!

A hard hit for the world economy The damage of the COVID-19 lock down for businesses and economies is becoming more visible every day. Forecasting institutions and scenario planners are estimatin...内蒙快3预测推荐号码

25 Sep 2020
Anders La Cour

A look at how global payments are evolving

Advances in technology, along with increased internet access around the world, has meant that global banking networks are evolving; boosting cross border trade and investment. Obstacles and challenges...内蒙快3预测推荐号码

24 Sep 2020
James Maxfield

The Economic Imperative of Post Trade Resilience in Capital Markets - Why & How

As the world reflects upon the impact of the last 6 months and starts to revise strategy based upon the ‘new normal’ that it now finds itself in, we look at what C-level leaders should be doing to cat...

23 Sep 2020
Kevin O'Neill

6 Ways to Create a Frictionless Client & Investor Lifecycle Journey for Asset Servicing Firms

As digital transformation continues to impact the financial services sector, Asset Servicing (AS) firms are under significant pressure to modernize their processes. To transform successfully, they nee...

17 Sep 2020
Andrew Beatty

Moving Away from the Mainframe, Safely

Marc Benioff of Salesforce predicted the death of the mainframe years ago, famously saying “This is what our customers are asking for – to take them to the next level and free them from the bondage of...内蒙快3预测推荐号码

17 Sep 2020
Diederick Van Thiel

Eat or be eaten. Which banks will be the post-COVID-19 pandemic winner?

“The first six months of 2020 have been some of the most challenging in living memory. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, much of the global economy slowed significantly and some sectors drew to a near tot...内蒙快3预测推荐号码

11 Sep 2020
Béla Vér

Overcoming legacy issues in banking to achieve faster results

Legacy IT challenges The challenges of bridging old and new IT systems have been demonstrated recently by banking outages at some of the leading retail banks. Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic has brou...

08 Sep 2020
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