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Gustav Korobov

Your Checklist to pick a Digital Core Banking provider

There are many different Digital Core Banking providers in the market. They differ from one to another. Some of them offer only front-end applications, for example, web and mobile banking for end-user...内蒙快3预测推荐号码

07 Oct 2020
Reed Luhtanen

U.S. Faster Payments Evolution: Share Your Thoughts on the Journey

For most of us, the pandemic has upended our way of life. It has changed our working styles and environments. It has altered shopping habits. It has driven a surge in touchless and remote transactions...

06 Oct 2020
Konstantin Rabin

How is Malaysia's fintech industry fueled by Singapore?

It is not a surprise anymore that the fintech industry is developing at rapid steps around the world. The digitalization, which led to the improvement in various industries is visible and tangible in ...内蒙快3预测推荐号码

02 Oct 2020
Gustav Korobov

SaaS vs On-premise for Digital Banking: 5 Points to Consider

Today companies have rapidly shifted to cloud technologies. With the disruptive technologies and innovations, unprecedented changes have been taking place in all industries, including Financial Servic...

30 Sep 2020
Amit Singh

Is It Time for an Agile Revolution in Financial Services?

Now more than ever, financial services institutions need to move from legacy operational processes and compete with the fast-moving digital world, by putting a digital customer experience at the centr...

29 Sep 2020
Alex Golbin

What Chess Can Teach Us About Assessing Vendor Risk

Assessing vendor risk is a key topic for many enterprises, seeking fit for purpose solutions to get the job done. Over 60% of data breaches coming from vendor portfolios combined with mounting regula

24 Sep 2020
Ron Delnevo

Improving Cash Access in the UK

Cash access is a huge issue in the UK today. To help address the issue, UK Finance established the Community Cash Access Pilot Scheme, to encourage innovative companies to provide new solutions for ca...

24 Sep 2020
Yulin Chung

When Will the Self-Driving Wallet Arrive?

There probably isn’t a living person who understands the banking and monetary system and most of us don’t even get the basics of money right. Don’t take my word for it - about 69% of Americans are li...

23 Sep 2020
Konstantin Rabin

Why Singapore is attracting more fintech investment than any other Asian country

Singapore is currently one of the most advanced countries in the world in terms of economy. And this despite the fact that the country ranks 171st in the world by area and has almost no natural resour...

21 Sep 2020
Shaun Puckrin

What are investors looking for in the next Fintech?

Are investors getting pickier when it comes to Fintech? It’s hard to say for sure, but there are recent developments that point towards a shift in investor interests. First, research from Innovate Fin...内蒙快3预测推荐号码

18 Sep 2020
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