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Morgan Stanley fined $60m over data centre decommissioning failures

内蒙快3预测推荐号码 The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) has hit Morgan Stanley with a $60 million penalty for failing to properly decommission two wealth management data centres in 2016.

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Webinar - Unlocking the Value of Data in Wealth Management
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Webinar - Unlocking the Value of Data in Wealth Management

This webinar will focus on how wealth managers may seek to address the eternal challenge of collecting and harnessing data on high-net-worth clients, extracting its value and truly transforming their business to a digital integrated model.

Wealth management in the digital age
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Wealth management in the digital age

How can wealth management firms use digital technology and cloud platforms to transform their businesses?

The Robots are coming

The Robots are coming

内蒙快3预测推荐号码KPMG explores the current robo advising market and how it’s expected to grow, what it means for banks and brokerages, and key business and operating model questions. It forecasts that $2.2 trillion in client assets will be managed by digital wealth platforms by 2020.

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